Light, Dark and Perspective

Entry Five

The light in the darkness.

Humans believe in the concept of good and evil, light and dark. It has been taught throughout the generations. So far the thoughts have delved into shunning humanity for the dark side or lack of empathy. So where is the light or empathy? The thoughts demand that we look deeper at empathy and what it’s connection to light/good and dark/evil have to say about humanity as a whole. First the thoughts must look at the light that shines in those that find ways to go beyond the despicable, deplorable or unempathedic acts that humans are renowned for.

A look into the light.

What is light (empathy)? It is giving someone help when it is needed,  the phrase pay it forward or even empathy towards others. These things are just some ways that humans have flipped the switch in the gloomy darkness of the mostly unempathic room of life. Some people made it their mission in life to find ways to help others. Some even died to try and find the end answer. Good and evil is a concept that needs to be truly understood and understanding it comes at the cost of what most people cannot give to the realm that is reality. People do not like to look beyond the curtain that covers reality.

Thoughts on perspective.

As the Oz said in the 1939 film Wizard of Oz “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” The reason I even quote Oz is for the simple reason people do not want to see reality’s true form because it is not what they truly know. The reality of one person far differs from even their own parents’. It is a collection of experiences and lessons from what they have learned in their life, or as the thoughts like to call it their perspective. So the concept of what is good and what is evil comes from every individual’s own perspective. Now the thoughts would like the readers to know that they are not saying that everyone’s perspective is completely different, because it’s not. There are fundamental things that have been passed down through the ages from law, religions, and even common sense that most will find to be similar in nature and form, though, undoubtedly,  some are very different. These forces give each of us our own perspective,  for better or worse.


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War and a look at the end

Entry Four
War is a part of human life. Like most animals, war is between groups of a species or between species for resources or matting accessibility. With humans it’s not much different, but there are more complicated reasons even though they are connected to uncomplicated origins.
However humans are one of the few that creates, invents, or even imagines new horrific ways to destroy, mutilate or humiliate one another. After 20 years of thinking about the thoughts that I had with an adolescent mind I have come to the realization that humanity is not built for peace. It’s an illusion that people propagate to believe that humans are more developed then the supposed ape ancestors. As days go by and I think about what is seen done and viewed by humans on a day to day basis it becomes clearer that humans will not find peace. It’s not because of the drive to find a way to get to a peaceful resolution. It’s not the human condition it’s not good and evil it’s the desire to harm one another that lays dormant in even the most kind of individuals. You don’t have to trust in what I say, but you would be a fool not to listen and understand the view of someone that know what it is like to seek peace with anger and sadness in there heart.
Those who see what is stated here have looked for the answer believing that they could find an answer to what ails humanity. Foe religion and science have looked for the reasons. Some say the devil others say a chemical imbalance in the human brain is at falt, but I say it’s in our genetic make up. Humanity is no stranger to violance it’s started from the dawn of human sentience. It is the human condition to strive to change these things and yet again we get back to the propaganda of civilized society. It is something that humans use to survive and others use it to dominate or concor those that are weak die and the strong strive. This is the pattern of human life.
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Life called it has started again

Entry Three


So, the theme of this blog so far, looks at the world and the deranged things called humans. Thoughts occur and have gotten me thinking… oh and apology for the wait if this is something you look forward to. If the world had cognitive thought what would it or even extraterrestrial life have to say not only about the way that humans look at one another but how life is lead on earth. Would they think humans to be just like them, a part of its system of existence, or would humans be seen as the plague that scourges this one world and its own race? If you have an answer for this question do not say “God works in mysterious ways” or some other cop-out, let’s just take the omnipotent diety out of the picture for this conversation. In the words of Frank Castle (Punisher 2004) “God’s going to sit this one out.” Many questions arise such as if not limited to: Are humans really meant for this type of life where it’s all about one’s self/family’s  own survival? Are they meant to thrive on copulation and violence? Or are they here to find a way to live life in ways that are only depicted in books, television and movies? Think on these things. Do they make you look into the night sky and think. “Is this the way humans are supposed to be? Or is human kind meant for more?”

Well in these deranged eyes it seems that humans should be more than humans are, but humans can’t find a way past its violent nature. We look at the news from almost any media source and find stories about humans from any walk of life are hurting one another. Hell, half the time it seems like it’s an unspoken contest of who can commit the worst atrocity. I may not be above any of this but that does not stop the inner realization that it’s not right. Thoughts, concerns, contemplations. TDM would like to know!


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And we meet again

Entry Two

Definition of bully (plural bullies)

1  archaic
a :  sweetheart
b :  a fine chap

a :  a blustering browbeating person; especially :  one habitually cruel to others who are weaker
b :  pimp

3  a:  a hired ruffian

This does not just refer to people that use their muscles. It’s anyone that uses any strength to make others feel like less than their full potential. Other terms that I used in the last entry, such as cyber tough guy and douche bag, represent just a short list of other words that people may use.

Now that we have seen what is going to happen here, it’s time once again to teach people what it truly means to be human, rather than the monsters that humanity seems to be mutating into. People that everyone see in the news doing good deeds or even stopping bad things from happening are not weird or abnormal. They represent what we all should strive to become. Heroes and Heroines in any media format are the people that stand up for what is right, against all odds. They do this not because they want to, but because it’s the right thing to do. (Audience cries out, “but they have to sacrifice almost everything.”) This is not the case. They simply invest the time and effort to help, not hurt others.

(The voices snicker, “but the people like to see others get hurt! Have you not been on YouTube lately?”)

Thanks, let’s talk about all the fail compilations. Well, I have seen them and, yes, they can be funny, but why is it that humans want to see others get hurt? The word for this is schadenfreude.

Definition of schadenfreude
a: feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people

Now, how messed up is it to truly take pleasure in seeing others suffer? Well, let’s ask the bullies of the world. This is the only way to show the reasoning behind why a bully may do the things that they do. This explanation does not justify bully behavior, it just helps us understand one piece of the ongoing problem.


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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Thoughts of Society Seen Through A Deranged Mind

You can call me, The Deranged Mind or TDM

DISCLAIMER: If you read this and disagree, leave now; I don’t care what you think. Remember, this is “Thoughts of Society Seen Through A Deranged Mind”, and, therefore, it is just a point of view, not a statement of intent or even dogma people should follow. Well, some things should be followed, but that is up to the reader, not the writer. Did I say deranged?  Yes, yes I did. Good, now we can move on to the good part.


Entry One

The world keeps spinning and all the voices in my head say “how can people keep on living their lives not knowing that people are the problem?”

They say you are supposed to live a happy and productive life when in reality, life is hard. People are the monsters that live under your bed and in your nightmares. This makes some wonder why someone could prefer a world where there are Heroes and Heroines that actually stop the things that go bump in the night. Not saying all humanity is the problem, but you know who you are (the voices snicker and say “they probably just left the page.”).

I wouldn’t chose to be a “Hero,” for humanity has yet to prove that humans are a race worth saving. But, the hero stays and waits for the time to come when humanity is truly willing to change.

If you find these words harsh, look into your own heart and tell me if you are worthy of casting the first, proverbial stone. Have you lead a truly, selfless life? Probably not, since in our culture all that matters is looking out for number one which is, when you think about it, a pretty stupid concept. After all, just like Scrooge, you may get to the top of the pile, but you are left up there all alone, with the path behind you strewn with the bloody bodies of the people you sacrificed on your altar of success.

So in words that are not so nice, “People need to get their heads out of their rectums and start considering what they do and how their actions impact others.” (Enraged cry from the audience: “Not another bleeding heart on the web!”) Damn right, this should not have to be said. Get the hell over yourself, take a moment, and check the attitude at the door. Take a look around you, pick up the Manual  (for things people should and shouldn’t do) and remember these words. You are part of the problem, so STOP or just end your life (this is not actually condoned by the author of this blog). Humankind doesn’t need any more douchebags, bullies, or even cyber tough guys. (Another outburst from the audience: “But aren’t you being a cyber bully?) No. I’m the one that is trying to get the world to wake up and smell the coffee.


See you next time, Same Deranged time, Same Deranged channel.