The Void

It is now time for the voices to confront an issue that many combat on a daily basis. Some refer to it as the edge, or void. It is depression.  The thing in most, if not all, people that can shake them to their very core of being. While some don’t understand the concept, others find it to be a part of their every day life. Depression can effect even the strongest of people, it is not a scavenger that seeks the weak or meager. Depression is a predator that lurks in the dark for anyone that even has a sliver of dought in their heart. It craves the flesh of those that can or will wain. How do Human’s combat a predator that is as patient or contains more resolve then the ultimate apex predator that is time.

The Void

Everyone experiences depression in a different way. It can form in the body showing as fatigue or even the constant need for sleep. Pulling away from friends or family, or even just not acting the same as those that love you know. People that don’t understand depression may be fare more familiar with the side effects of depression then they know. Anger is another way that people can react to depression.

The voices speak of suicide

The humans that find things to be to hard to deal with or find a way to around the devastation that they may have encounterd. the seems people may try and end their life, but they don’t realize that there is always a way to get around what they are feeling. people need to stop looking into the dark. all of the things that people find to be to hard or just can’t handle, they can get over. Wake up and smell the coffee, itea is not worth your life, get over yourself and realize that talking with others or finding help is not a sign of weakness. the voices state that there are people out there that should just end it all, but they are not the ones that are suffering they are the ones that have caused the suffering. if you think that you are a cause of suffering then you should really think about what it is that you think you have done, and get over it before you find the end before it is your time. this does not apply to all of the causes of suffering. there are things that the voices do not forgive but that is a conversation for another time.

The voices will speak more on this next week.

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